Thursday 13 February 2020

Action Required - You Can Optimize Your Freeze Rent in the "Mietendeckel"

If you own in apartment building or apartment in Berlin completed before 2014 and currently have a vacancy, Swift action is advisable. The difference is 20% of the prospective net rent.

If residential space is or was re-let after the effective date 18 June 2019 and the lease continues to apply upon the Rent Act taking effect, the newly agreed rent will be relevant for the rent freeze. Thus, in such cases too, a market rent may be agreed before the Rent Act takes effect without the risk of the agreement being retroactively deemed invalid and the landlord being required to return any excess rent. At the same time, the tenant may, within nine months of the law taking effect, demand that the rent be reduced to the permitted cap (see The Berlin Rent Cap - "Mietendeckel" is here. What Do You Have To Do?)

In short: You can rent your currently vacant apartment at 19% above the cap table and that will be your freeze rent going forward, unless you re rent again within the next five years.

"Mietendeckel" Action Required
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To recap the latest main events:

The Berlin city parliament voted on Thursday, January 30, 2020, to pass the rent cap “Mietendeckel” draft into law. It will most likely come into effect at the beginning of March, possibly as early as the end of February when officially published.
This will trigger numerous deadlines for actions required to be taken by the landlord.
The answer to a much asked question:
Yes it does apply to furnished apartments completed before 2014.
We are offering a newsletter, starting with a summary and interpretation of the law as it went into the parliamentary hearing. going forward, we will be providing hands-on tips on the communication and the timeline that needs to be met starting with the information needed.
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