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How To Manage Your Property Manager

An eBook helping you to get answers to some burning questions about your property.
To accompany this checklist there is a guide that explains the background and intention for the questions. It gives examples and provides Case Studies from real life Property Management Audits which help to enhance the senses while inspecting the property and documents.

Here is a reading sample:
Case Study: The same Repair 6 times in 10 months
During our rent level audit we realized that tenants were reducing the rent because of problems with the heating. The heating contractor was called out again and again (the same one). All he did was bleeding the radiators and refill the water level. The sixth time Christian was lucky and a different contractor came because it was the weekend. He saw the puddle in the boiler room that clearly had been there for a long time and discovered a leak. After fixing it, the system worked without fault.
I would not even expect that this would have been found out the first time but at the latest when the fault appeared for the third time the property manager should have asked questions or inspect the heating system himself.

The eBook is available as an eBook in the Amazon® Kindle® store and can be read on any computer or tablet with a free reader app available on the Amazon site as well.
How to Manage Your Property Manager
25 Questions You Should Ask Every Year – A Checklist
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