Tuesday 18 February 2020

The Berlin Rent Cap, Rent Freeze, Mietendeckel Will Come Into Force On 23.02.2020

The Berlin City Government has worked over-time to ensure that there will be no rentals next weekend under the old legal conditions. The office for Urban Development has announce that the Rent Act "Mietendeckel" will be published in the Journal of Laws and Ordinances for the State of Berlin on 22.02.2020 and thus will come into force on the next day,
23. February 2020.
It will apply retroactively to the status quo as of 18. June 2019 when the Berlin Senate approved the key elements of a new Berlin law on residential rents, including the so-called "Mietendeckel", a combination of rent freeze and rent cap as its main features.

There is a line of dates to keep in mind and take action upon:
23.04.2020 Your next action date.
If you are a landlord in Berlin, owning a rental apartment older than 01.01.2014 you should be setting up your timeline, project plan and checklist to avoid trouble. In many cases you could actually get fined accepting a rent at more than 120 % of the table applicable to your property. The maximum is set at Euro 500,000.

We have installed a Newsletter for landlords affected by the "Mietendeckel" for support with these tools for their apartments.

Here is the opportunity for signing up to this "Mietendeckel" Newsletter.

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