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Anti-cyclical investment has attracted a significant increase in international capital flow into the German property market. Falkenberg Solutions was established to better service the resulting market needs and demands. Very few German service providers in the fields of Asset Management, Property Management and Portfolio Management are aware of the specific needs of international investors and in most cases are not equipped with the knowledge and language capabilities required.
The Managing Partner of the company is Uwe Falkenberg. Uwe has more than 25 years of experience in the Berlin property market running his own development and property management business as well as holding leading positions in companies in the same field. He also has worked for an international consultancy firm advising international investors on their investments in Berlin and continental Europe.
Falkenberg Solutions operates a network based concept drawing on local expertise and resources in all relevant fields for successful transactions in the property market.
The network based concept of our services not only allows highly competitive fees and maximum flexibility but also guarantees speed to market. For international investors the bilingual English/German capability which also includes the knowledge of how business is done internationally provides an extra comfort investing abroad.

Completed Projects (excerpt)

Projects delivered for Falkenberg Solutions
Project Client Task Result
Tender for Facility Management Services for high rise building and surrounding campus in Munich (100,000 m²) Singapore based Real Estate Fund Assessment of needs and data available, design of Service Level Agreements (SLA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and framework for contract. Tender. Significant savings (>20%), better specified and measurable obligations for the services
Workout concept for 3 distressed residential property portfolios (140,000 m²) Nordic Bank (confidential) Optimisation of Property Management, definition of clusters for optimised sale, preparation of sales information, addressing the market for sales Quick assessment of the portfolio situations and drive to readiness for optimised sale.
Operational Review with emphasis on OPEX on a Shopping Centre with Office facilities in Linschöping, Sweden. (16,400 m²) International Asset Manager (confidential) Identification of potential for savings in the operational costs (OPEX) and processes. Outline of potential savings opportunities and action plan for improvements.
Property Search, Pre Acquisition Services for Residential Investment Property in Berlin (currently ca. 5,000 m²) Austrian Family Office (confidential) Property search, Commercial and Contract Due Diligence organizing Technical Due Diligence. Procurement and implementation support of property management Quick reaction to the market. Early Risk Assessment on properties. Successful purchases
Introduction of a CAFM System for world wide offices (68 locations across US and Europe) Subsidiary of Allianz Versicherungs AG (confidential) Collection of data from all offices, definition of KPIs and selection process for the best suitable system Workshop with client property representatives and CAFM providers to present their solution for the task, shortlist.
Execution of Purchase contracts and Contracting of Property Management Lindehave GmbH Execution of complicated purchase contract situation and instruction of lawyers. Procurement and implementation of property management Enforcing the client's right through litigation support and facts documentation. Reclaiming 8% of a purchase price of € 5 million.
Re-Contracting Property Management, ca. 35 properties Ordrupdal Immobilien GmbH Needs assessment, contracting concept, limited tender, procurement and implementation of property management Flexible contractual concept based on Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators with a performance based payment mechanism to best serve the client's needs.
Property Research and Pre-Viewing Various Private Investors from UK, Ireland, Norway and other countries Research Property Market in Germany, specifically Berlin and Leipzig according to agreed profiles. Identification of Opportunities matching the profile to avoid useless travelling and viewing and ensure speedy response to good opportunities.
Contract Due Diligence Ordrupdal Immobilien GmbH, Various Private Investors from UK, Ireland, Norway and other countries Review of rental contracts, rental history and management accounts. Security about the performance of the property after purchase. Avoidance of wrong purchases
Portfolio Management, ca. 73,000 sqm Morey Holding GmbH & Co. KG (International Investors) Management und development of a portfolios of 8 post office buildings in Berlin and one in Frankfurt/Oder. Fast overview of operational situation and first rental opportunities for vacant space within 2 weeks. Identification of development opportunities.
Outsourcing Property Management, ca. 900 properties Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin Needs assessment, outsourcing concept, Europe wide public tender, procurement and implementation of property management. Flexible contractual concept based on detailed quality standards (Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators) with a scalable payment mechanism to best serve the client's needs.
Portfolio Analysis, > 2,000 properties Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin Consultancy on specifications for tender documents and contract. Support for tender return analysis. Qualified tender documents, allowing specific and clear analysis of the returns, minimizing risks for tender disputes.
Projects delivered for EC Harris GmbH
Project Client Task Result
Mixed use property "Castello" in Berlin. Object including 192 subsidised apartments, 5.500 m² Shopping Mall, 1.100 m² offices and medical practices and 160 spaces parking garage Universale International, Wien FM planning consultancy. FM concept, tender and procurement. Implementation and management of FM service provider.
Property Management
Optimised operation through FM consultancy and procurement strategy.
Force Campus, Facilities Management Consultancy Force Computers Neubiberg / Freemont, California Needs assessment, concept, tender, procurement and implementation of an FM concept fort he new R&D and production site. Fast track procurement from concept to implementation of the 'Intelligent Client' concept within 6 months. No increase in cost despite 20% bigger facility
European Facilities Management Royal Bank of Scotland, Bristol Definition and implementation of a consistently high Facilities Management service standard in all (continental) European offices. Ongoing monitoring of service quality. Supervision of the German office and co-ordination of the reporting for all sites: Paris, Madrid, Milan, Rom und Piräus. Consistent standard at all offices. Up to date information about the state of the properties including possible risks as basis for decisions to be taken by the central management. Fast implementations of directives on group property policies.
European Asset Management Cable & Wireless plc, London Assessment of the Portfolio, preparation and support of negotiations with landlords about early return and delapidations of network (POP) sites and offices. In Germany 6 sites, Vienna, Zurich, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Oslo. Fast and flexible collation and processing of information as basis for critical business decisions.
Office Campus Gasometer, Vienna Europa Project Partners, Europa Property Partners. Client's representative in the local project team, cost management and reporting Client's agenda was enforced and implemented, keeping cost within the budget and delivering on time
Project management und cost management, various projects. e.g. Britische Embassy Berlin, Interoute Frankfurt; Honeywell Hamburg Assessment of needs and requirements, cost estimate, tender and procurement, quality control, inspection and accounts, change management. Implementation according to time constraints and needs of the projects meeting international standards.
DRK Portfolio Berlin (Red Cross) Lend Lease, London Preliminary investigation of property portfolio of 18 properties in Berlin for technical and commercial risks Quick and precise response meeting international standards as basis for client board decisions
Technical Due Diligence various property portfolios: Karstadt logistic center Unna; logistik-properties in Wittlich, Frankfurt, Dortmund; MTV-building, Berlin; porperty of government buildings State of Hesse Heitmann (London), Ivanhoe Cambridge (Toronto), Canada Life (London), many investors can not be disclosed due to confidentiality Investigation of existing properties of developments with regard to plausibility and risks concerning the construction and operational phase. Avoidance of unknown risks, quick and precise response meeting international standards as basis for client board decisions
Projects delivered for Plus.Punkt GmbH
Project Client Task Result
Weber Park, Potsdam-Babelsberg. Object with 178 apartments and condominiums, 8000 m² office and 7000 m² retail. Mixed, mainly Bavaria Objekt- und Baubetreuungs- GmbH (Nürnberg) FM planning consultancy. FM concept, tender and procurement. Implementation and management of FM service provider. Property Management Optimised contractual concept for sales contracts. Optimised operation through FM consultancy and procurement strategy
Immobilienportfolio Salvete GmbH Salvete GmbH, a legal entity of Barclays Bank, London Property management, preparation and implementation of sales concepts Improved communication through international experience. Faster implementation of concepts through integration of the property management


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