Wednesday 9 March 2016

Why German Property Market Remains Attractive in the Next 15 Years

The housing shortage in Germany will grow if there is no significant increase in building activity. According to a study Prognos AG has delivered for Allianz Building Finance in the 15 most dynamic local markets there will be a shortcoming of close to one million apartments in the next 15 years. The 10 regions with the biggest supply deficits are München, Berlin, Rhein-Main, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Köln, Münster, Upper Rhine region (Freiburg/Offenburg), Hannover and Düsseldorf. The situation could relax by 2045 but only if there is no slacking in the building activities. Despite current immigration and refugee influx the main driver behind the development is internal migration which is currently responsible for 73% of changes in the housing market.

1 Million Apartments Gap in Germany 

The full report in German is available here: Prognos Living in Germany 2045
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