Friday 2 November 2012

Public Projects Never on Time and Budget 2

Berlin: Senate seeks new project manager for Opera-remediation
The Berlin Senate has terminated the contract with Drees & Sommer as project manager of the renovation of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Corresponding media reports confirmed a spokeswoman for the Senate Department for Urban Development. According to reports, the separation is "by mutual consent", but with "different ideas as to the construction project going on" in the background. With a temporary project manager in place the Berlin Senate wants to re-tender the service. The opening date is held. This was postponed to the spring of 2015, allegedly because in 17 m depth "surprisingly" old wooden posts were found. The renovation costs of the lately 250 million euros will not rise, but this is doubtful in view of a possible further time delays due to the re-tender.

Is this the BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport all over again?


Public Projects Never on Time and Budget 1

Potsdam: Further delay in Landtagsbau because companies go bankrupt?
During the construction of the Brandenburg state parliament in the center of Potsdam new trouble threatens: The Saxon Sandsteinwerke GmbH, based in Pirna, on 1 November at the Dresden district court filed for bankruptcy. The company was previously supplier for the cladding for the city castle replica. The works of the company at the site have been set. The bankruptcy of Sandsteinwerke their lawyer reported claims outstanding more than 1.9 million euros to the BAM Germany, which builds the project in PPP. BAM itself is currently in dispute with the state over increased construction costs and a later completion date. Completion is still planned for end of next year. The costs are still with approx. EUR 120 million budgeted.