Friday 15 May 2020

Housing Market Report Berlin 2020

Berlin polarises like no other city. Nevertheless - or precisely because of this - it is still a magnet for many people from  all over the world. The influx into the metropolis is unbroken and there is a lot going on in Berlin’s economy: Tesla is coming, the BER Airport will (hopefully) soon start operating, and Siemensstadt 2.0 will open up new possibilities. Also, relocation for the entire federal government from Bonn to Berlin is repeatedly being discussed. All this affects the Berlin housing market that has been tense for years.

Berlin Housing Market Report 2020
Housing Market Report Berlin 2020

An outcry swept across the country when Berlin announced the implementation of a rent cap. According to the tenor of the real estate industry, the rent cap is expropriation, investments are on hold, and there will be a hail of bankruptcies in the real estate industry. That being said, many tenants and people looking for accommodation, who perceive the increasing housing prices as a threat, welcomed the initiative. In order to shed some light in the effects of the rent cap announcement in the Berlin housing market, we have postponed the publication date of the Housing Markt Report. Articles on the rent cap and other recent topics regarding the Berlin housing market can be found, in the familiar way, in our small-scale analyses.

The report is available directly from the site of BerlinHyp:


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