Thursday 30 January 2020

The Berlin Rent Cap - "Mietendeckel" is here. What Do You Have To Do?

Immediately after the law is published, probably in mid-February, a rent freeze applies as the first stage. The key date for this was June 18, 2019. Landlords are then no longer allowed to charge a rent that is above the value at that time. This rent freeze applies at least until January 2022.

Then, nine months later stage two, the most controversial section of the law follows with a rule that has never existed before: The Senate has established a rent table with prices that are based on the age group and fit out standard.

There are also surcharges: one euro for "modern equipment", for example with a fitted kitchen and high-quality flooring, and "location surcharges", a maximum of 0.74 euros per square meter in good locations. Including these surcharges, the absolute maximum price of a net rent in Berlin for a period of five years will be 11.54 euros - in this case for houses built between 2003 and 2013.

When the rent is 20% or more above the applicable table value the landlord has to take the initiative to reduce it.

What to do next?

If your property was completed 2014 or later - have a cup of tea and watch.

If your property is older, there are several things you have to comply with and they all require the landlord to become active or risk fines.

18 June 2019

This is the magic date of the rent freeze. When you are renting now, you are not allowed to exceed the rent of your property on that day. You are not even allowed to accept more if the tenant offers it (which is not unlikely in the current market situation). You would ave a long term legal risk because it is illegal.

Most likely in October 2020 you have to actively adjust your rent according to the table above with bonuses and reductions based on standard (e.g. fitted kitchen) or location, much like the rent table process already applied.

In a new post coming up we will explain in detail which steps a landlord in Berlin with residential apartments older than 2014 will have to take.

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