Saturday, 4 January 2020

Co-living - Currently One of the Most Promising Ways to Invest in Property

There are obviously many ways to invest in Real Estate. The Forbes Real Estate Council has looked at the current market situation and identified four trends that can be taken advantage of: Invest in a digital REIT, build a tiny home in your backyard, Angel invest in a Proptech startup or purchase a property for co-living.

Purchase a Property for Co-living.

I would like to dig into this option:

The Co-living movement is very much a reaction to the intensifying urbanisation and workplace nomads who can perform their job almost anywhere with internet access. Another driver is the ongoing price increase in urban areas around the world. Bigger units are hardly affordable, even for tenants with relatively high income.

Photo by Aw Creative on Unsplash

Investors are buying larger units with more than two or three bedrooms and rent the single rooms individually with shared, well equipped kitchen, bathrooms and lounge/living room. To meet the needs of the mobile generation most likely attracted to this form of living, certain standards have to be met: Fast WiFi, comfortable beds, security. A smart solution for laundry and responsive service in case of problems are a MUST.
On the financial side all utilities including e.g. electricity and TV-license have to be factored into the rent as they are key factors for mobility.
A set-up like this will command a much higher rent and, despite the inclusion of ancillary costs, a much better result than renting the entire unit to one household.

There are companies trying to offer just the shell room and will have some initial success in very tight markets but they will lose the tenants to more convenient set-ups as the competition is growing.

"It’s uncertain how large of a renter audience will be interested in this dorm-like life, but it’s gaining traction. Similar to the tiny homes, be sure to look into local zoning rules before purchasing a property." (Forbes Real Estate Council)


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