Thursday 14 June 2018

IBB Housing Market Report 2017 for the Berlin and Greater Berlin region

The annual IBB Housing Market Report has a different angle at the market situation than the commercial reports produced by big property agents and banks. Here is how they characterise themselves:
"IBB is the business development bank of the Federal Land of Berlin. With its business support, it actively contributes towards developing Berlin as a hub for business and industry. Our staff working in housing and real estate promotion are the people to contact for all issues related to real-estate financing."
Their viewpoint is policy based and not biased to talking prices up for business purposes (also available in this blog). The main report is in German and a volume of 121 pages with very detailed data and information. There is an 8 page summary available with all key findings of the report addressing these topics:

Selected Data at a glance

  • Economic factors
  • Housing demand
  • Housing supply
  • Rents and housing market
  • More detailed data available in the German version of the full report

General situation and important trends

  • Berlin’s economy – growth once again above the national average
  • Trend in demand
  • Trend in supply
  • Market for detached and semi-detached homes
  • Market for freehold apartments
  • Market for rented apartments
  • Key topic: The “Berlin and greater Berlin” housing market region



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