Monday 11 June 2018

Expiring Energy Certificate (Energieausweis) can be very costly, even when renting out or selling only one apartment

Renting or selling an apartment or apartment block requires the presentation of a valid Energy Certificate at the time of viewing. Even an ad for the rental or sale requires certain information contained in the certificate. Otherwise fines and / or libel suits could follow.
If your building in Germany was completed after October 1, 2007 it was required to have an up-to-date Energy Certificate. These certificates are valid for 10 years and start running out this year. If the building is dated before 1966, Energy Certificates were required since January 2009, running out next year.

Von Eigentum vom Autor - Eigener Energiepass - Autor Dirkes1,
CC BY-SA 3.0,

There is no requirement to renew the certificate if you are not re-renting or selling. Owners associations with owners predominantly using their apartments themselves will be reluctant to spend the money for a new certificate if they personally don’t need it.

An example: You are expecting to rent your apartment in January 2019 because you know it will become vacant. This year’s owners meeting did not have a new certificate on the agenda because the property manager was not paying attention to the issue, so there is not budget item for it. Even if it is considered “normal management” which does not even need a vote, it needs to be budgeted. So a discussion with the management company and the co-owners might be advised.

As there are different types of certificates we recommend professional consultation if in doubt.


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