Sunday, 10 January 2016

Miet-Map Berlin - Housing Cost Based on U+S-Bahn (Subway, Tube) Map

The biggest German property portal Immobilien Scout 24 has produced a map of Berlin based on the U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines, indicating the average net rent for a 70 m² one-bedroom-apartment (Zwei-Zimmer-Wohnung) in the area around the stations. It is an orientation for new arrivals to give an indication where to look - not less and no more.

For large image click the map, it will take you to the Immoscout24 webpage

It is the net rent and for budgeting purposes one has to be aware that the ancillary cost can easily add another 5 € or using the example 350 € to the budget.

The implications on the Immo Scout 24 site are, that you can use it to check your rent and ask your landlord to reduce the rent if it more than 10% above the rent table. Don't even try, it is a feature to sell their rent check (MietpreisCheck) which is based on their market data and not the official rent table. Unfortunately there is more detail to it, like: Age of the building, building standard etc..

An interesting idea - I wonder if it will catch on.

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