Friday, 23 October 2015

Germany City Ranking 2015: Munich 1, Berlin 2, Leipzig 3 and Frankfurt 4

The HWWI/Berenberg City Ranking 2015 is out. Some major shifts have occurred. For the first time Munich beat always first Frankfurt for No.1. Seven years ago when the first study was published Berlin was at No. 24 it has now reach No.2. No.3 is still not Frankfurt, it is Leipzig which has constantly made its way up the ladder from No.12 last year. Only then ranking at 4 is Frankfurt.

The ranking is determined by economic strength, demographic and other factors. One of the focus points for future developments is the positioning towards highly qualified workforce.

For the other positions of the 30 largest German cities please refer to the graph below and the full report in German at

HWWI-Berenberg City Ranking 2015 Summary Index


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