Saturday, 23 January 2016

Property Management Case Studies

Anyone can decide to start a Property Management in Germany. No qualifications or permits are required. It is vital for the well being of a property investment that the owner checks all the aspects of the management frequently or as a long distance investor have someone do this on the owner's behalf.

We are always astonished about the things that can happen in a Property Management and for how long it can go unnoticed. For illustration purposes we have compiled a small selection of actual Property Management Case Studies, just the names were changed. Here are the topics currently available:
  1. Regular Rent Increase Forgotten!
  2. Trouble with the Re-Renting Process.
  3. Property Manager with Criminal Energy.
  4. No Documentation of the Building and Investments Made.
To read the details, just follow this link Property Management Case Studies. It will take you to the relevant section of our website.


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