Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Berlin Housing Market Report 2018

The Berlin Housing Market Report has developed into a tool widely accepted in the Berlin Housing Market. Initiated by GSW an originally City-owned but now privatised property company it has experienced a change in sponsorship over the years and is now published by Berlin Hyp and CBRE. The report for 2018 is being published on 25.01.2018 and will be available for download for our clients and readers at the bottom of this page. If you have signed up before, you will receive the newest version automatically.

The report covers these areas:

  • City comparison
  • The city of Berlin
  • Rents, sale prices, investments, transactions and financing
  • Furnished housing
  • New Construction
  • The city: Expert interviews
  • How cities and markets will develop by 2030 – and beyond
  • Housing Cost Atlas: Introduction
  • Housing Cost Map covering the whole of Berlin
  • Berlin's 12 districts and their 190 postcode areas
  • Explanatory notes on the rental map
  • Rental map covering the whole of Berlin
  • Special residential areas


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