Thursday, 12 October 2017

Winning in Growth Cities - Cushman Wakefield Report 2017 and Outlook 2018

Key global cities are winning the race for investment – but which ones? The ‘Winning in Growth Cities’ report, published today, is an annual survey looking at global commercial real estate investment activity.

Key Highlights

  • Global property investment rose to $1.5tn in the year to June.
  • Led by New York, the US dominates the ranking of global cities but Asian markets made the most impressive gains in the past year.
  • London is still the number one global market for cross border players. Paris closed the gap in third place but German cities are the ones to watch.
  • While gateway cities again dominated, with the top 25 taking nearly 50% of the market, tier two cities have taken market share.
  • The economic background is more encouraging for real estate than many expected, with global growth forecasts raised by the IMF for the first time since 2011.

One of the key factors determining which cities will out perform is technological change. Developments such as virtual reality and big data are set to enable more rapid change and will start shaping cities and tenant demand within months rather than years.

This report aims to identify some of the key enablers and emerging technologies and looks at what will determine which cities are the winners in this radically shifting environment.

For Germany and especially Berlin we support all activities regarding property investment with our experience and specialized network of property professionals.

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