Friday, 16 December 2016

Which is the Best German Real Estate Sector for Investment in 2017?

The Emerging Trends Europe survey 2017 conducted by Urban Land Institute and PwC identifies the property sectors which are favoured by the market participants and which ones should be avoided. The preferences differentiate between investment and development.
For Investment the No.1 is Healthcare followed by Retirement/assisted living, Student housing and Private rented residential and at the very end of the scale Self-storage facilities which are rated by some as "very poor".

The agent community has a very different view of some of the market segments, e.g. JLL Germany posted on Twitter that there is great potential in the self-storage market segment in Germany.

For Development the No.1 is Student housing followed by Private rented residential, Affordable housing, Retirement/assisted living with Out-of-town shopping centres at the end of the list also listed as "very poor" by some members of the panel group.

Do download the full report with many more aspects of the European Real Estate Market please go to this post on this blog:


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