Sunday, 12 April 2015

Property Health Check for Rented Apartment Blocks in Germany

In many dicussion with our clients we were asked to offer "just a quick status" and not the full service spectrum. At first we were reluctant as we felt that we would be taking a risk but then we realized that it actually is a smart approach. So we created and are still creating a set of "Health Checks" to "feel the pulse" of a property in order to identify possible problem areas to then determine with our client what could be achieved dealing with them.

The health of a property is determined by many factors, from structural status of the building to financial figures like yield or profit before interest. Even the financing structure can be a subject for a health check.
However all these factors influence some key measurements or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that can be used as a starting point for a health check of a property. We have developed quick assessment processes to identify any possible problem areas in a property using e.g. rent level or utilities charges as KPIs and benchmark them against the market.

These are the initial services at an introductory price level:
- Rent Level Benchmark
- Utilities Charges Benchmark
- "Ready for Selling" Audit

The links will take you to the details of the individual services.


 German Property Survey

Help us improve your results by taking our short survey. Receive one of our Property Health Check Benchmark Services FREE (actual price 49.00 € but value could be thousands).   


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