Saturday, 21 September 2013

Berlin Property Crisis

The Berlin Property Market is swept clean of apartment blocks for sale.

  • If you have considered selling your property in Berlin – now is the time!
  • If you have not considered selling your Berlin property yet – now is the time!
We are experiencing high demand for Residential Property in Berlin and prices have risen steadily. Investors are biting their nails about the property they turned down half a year ago as being too expensive.
We have helped international property investors from the UK and Ireland to get their property ready for the market and have more than met reasonable expectations regarding the purchase price.
We provide all necessary services and support to bring your property to market and position it at its optimum. These services are free if we are then allowed to sell your property as agents.
If you want to find out more please leave your contact information below and you will receive a more detailed description of our services.



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