Monday, 24 September 2012

Germany September 2012 Ifo Business Climate Index Continues to Fall

The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade continued to fall in September, marking its fifth successive decline. The companies surveyed are again less satisfied with their current business situation. They also expressed greater pessimism about the future. The curbing forces on the German economy continue to prevail.

After recovering briefly last month, the business climate in manufacturing continued to cool significantly in September. Although survey participants were more cautious in their assessment of the current business situation, it remained clearly above the long-term average value. Expectations concerning the six-month business outlook remained clearly negative and dropped for the fifth month in succession. In terms of the outlook for exports, last month’s slightly negative trend continued.

The business climate recovered at both levels of trade. Companies in retailing reported an improved
business situation, while their expectations were only marginally more pessimistic. The same, but even more pronounced trends were seen in wholesaling. The wholesalers surveyed are far more satisfied with their current business situation than last month, but the six-month business outlook continued to cloud over.

In construction the business climate indicator fell again. Assessments of the current business situation
are less positive than last month. Moreover, the construction companies surveyed are more pessimistic about their six-month business outlook.

Hans-Werner Sinn
President of the Ifo Institute

Apartment Block in Berlin
Apartment Block in Berlin

The demand for property investment opportunities in Germany however is unwavering. The yields are under pressure due to the international influx of investors. Especially properties in Berlin are in high demand because of the relative undervaluation compared to other European capitals and the recent rent increases.

Uwe Falkenberg, owner of
Falkenberg Solutions
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