Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Biggest Value increases in Berlin Residential Property

Total Return for Residential Property in Germany has reached 5.1% before taxes and financing in 2010. This fifth consecutive positive annual result is made up by 4.1% income return and a capital growth of 0.9%. The greatest increases were in Berlin (6.2%), Munich (5.7%) and the Rhine-Neckar region (5.4%). Variation in growth value across Germany was significant: while values went up in Munich (1.8%), Berlin (1.2%) and in the Rhine-Neckar area (1.1%), a loss in value of 2.3% was incurred for the Stuttgart region. Housing also decreased in value in the regions of the Rhineland (-0.8%), Hanover (-0.6%), the Ruhr District (-0.3%) and Rhine-Main (-0.1%).

The research is based on data from more than 2,400 buildings owned by institutional investors with a fair market value totaling over €5.9bn.

This research project was performed by IPD Investment Property Databank GmbH. More detailed information in German click here.

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Uwe Falkenberg



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