Thursday, 20 January 2011

German Real Estate in High Demand

Germany has overcome the financial crisis like no other European country. This reflects in the property market. 86% of the more than 100 firms and institutional investors polled by Ernst & Young Real Estate (E&Y) for its trend barometer German Property Investment Market 2011 are of this opinion. Even though investors still often have to “struggle” with banks for financing, "equity is king". Nevertheless: the German market, which is held to be particularly stable, became considerably more attractive for investors last year. In the current poll, it was classified by 33% of the participants as “very attractive,” whereas only 8% were able to take this view last year. Compared to other European countries, the majority (54%) even gives Germany the best mark, after only 25% last year. The focal point in this regard is on residential properties again (44%, after 40% last year), followed by retail (again at 36%). On the other hand, only 20% want to invest primarily in offices, after 27% last year.

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