Monday, 8 January 2018

Eastern Germany Property Market Report and Investment Opportunities

The Berlin Residential Property Market has been on the forefront of the German property boom of the last 2 years and signs are pointing at a continuation of this trend. With increasing rents, purchase prices are rising as well and lately faster than the rent level. See Rent levels in the German Big 7.
As a reaction, investors are looking for alternative locations with similar prospects for the future but lower price levels. One of the obvious choices could be East Germany with a generally still lower price level. But caution is required: Some of the regions have been losing population while others have (re-)gained workplaces and inhabitants.
Research on alternative locations is complex and wrong decisions can be costly. To help your assessments for informed decision making we enclose the link to this report at the bottom of this message.

Through our Network we can provide 3 investment opportunities in this region

1. Multi-tenant home Leipzig with development potential, balconies
04179 Leipzig
asking price € 930k€
642.31 m²
33,807.72€ net rent p.a.
potential for increase
2. Multi-tenant home Leipzig with balconies
04177 Leipzig
asking price € 1,270k
581 m²
38,200.08€ net rent p.a.
potential for increase
3. Multi-tenant home in attractive location in Halle
06110 Halle
asking price € 650k
571 m²
34,619.64€ net rent p.a.
at its current potential

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