Thursday, 2 November 2017

Emerging Trends in Real Estate in Europe 2018

Berlin has been ranked the top city for investment and development for the fourth year in a row by Europe’s real estate community.

A joint survey by PwC and Urban Land Institute provides an outlook on real estate developments throughout Europe in 2018. The forecast is based on the opinion of more than 800 property professionals.

Some of the results:
German cities have four representatives in the TOP 10 with Berlin at No.1 coming as no surprise. Some of the other interesting placements:
2. Frankfurt and Copenhagen
4. Munich
5. Madrid, performing a jump up by 4 places
6. Hamburg and 7. Dublin, both kicked out of the top 5
14. Paris
27. London

The survey demonstrates growing optimism in view of the general macroeconomic development. Especially Germany and Berlin are highlighted:
'Germany has been steady state for a long time now. With Berlin, people truly believe it’s going to become a major city', a pan-European financier says.
The placement of London at the bottom of the ranking seems in contrast to predictions Savills published only recently: Savills: 2017 central London investment set to hit £20 billion – and could set new record.  But the uncertainty of BREXIT clearly reflects the outlook of the panel and could contribute to a self-fulfilling prophecy during 2018.

The DO and DON'T for 2018

Logistics and niche residential sectors such as student housing, senior living and healthcare are seen as the front-runners whereas anything retail is seen very critically.

The survey also addresses non-quantitative issues driving discussions and developments in the real estate community with Technology being top contender:

Key features of the report:

Major non-quantitative topics covered by the survey:

  • Risk and return in today's business environment
  • Alternative platforms
  • Markets to watch
  • Impact of Brexit - UK
  • Space as a service
The survey:

Emerging Trends in Real Estate®: Europe 2018

is available for download here.


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