Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Investment Barometer on the assets of private investors in Europe and the USA

The top priority for private investors in Europe and the USA is the safety of their investments. To achieve this, they are willing to accept moderate returns. Approximately half of the Europeans and almost seven in ten Americans have invested money in savings deposits. At the same time, the proportion of non-savers has decreased on both continents. These are the findings of the Investment Barometer survey carried out by GfK Custom Research on behalf of The Wall Street Journal Europe.

One of the safest investments is into the German Property Market with its stable legal and commercial system. Provided a technical, legal and just as important financial due diligence is performed independently the robust economic environment provides ideal conditions for a safe and prosperous investment.

As a Home Base in the German Property Market for international Private Investors and Property Funds we provide a task force service for quick reaction to interesting opportunities.
Independent support for the property search including foreclosure or auction properties and their valuation or appraisal.

For the purchase phase we provide an Investment Management Service supporting the gathering and submission of any project related information to banks and act as local contact for the investor and the bank. We also assist in finding local finance institutions and possible government subsidies for renovations.

Last but not least we provide support finding the appropriate arrangements for the management of the investment and Asset Management Services.

For more information please visit our website http://www.berlin-portfolio.com/.

Uwe Falkenberg

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