Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Mortgages for UK and Ireland residents for Property in Germany

Due to market request a well know overseas finance provider is making this offer:

If you are purchasing a property in Germany, German Mortgages are available for UK & Irish based Employed or Self-Employed Residents (who appear on that Country's Electoral Roll) or non-German Nationals living and working in Germany for House Purchase - other purposes on a case by case basis.

Loans are not currently available for Stage Payments or Buy-to-Let purposes.

Type of German Mortgage: Repayment Mortgage only

Minimum: € 40,000, Maximum € 1,000,000, but must not exceed 70% of the purchase price.

Proof of Income: required in all cases (can be made up of Earned or Pension Income and up to 80% of any Rental Income from the new property, if there is an existing Rental Contract in place).

Term: Minimum 3 years; Maximum 30 years

Currency: Euros only

Current Variable Interest Rate is from approx 5.70%.

Example German Mortgage: Repayment Mortgage of approx €70,000 over a period of 25 years at an Interest Rate of approx 5.70% variable = approx €444.00 capital and interest per month = a total approximate amount payable over the term of €135,900 including capital, interest, arrangement and survey fees.

Please contact Berlin Portolio Ltd. for further information on properties and Property Financing support.

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