Monday, 10 June 2013

Berlin Housing Market 2013 - What's up?

During the last few weeks there were some significant changes in the Berlin Housing Market.

Berlin Rent Table 2013

The new Berlin Rent Table 2013 (Mietspiegel 2013) was published and showed significant rises (20+ %) in some areas and hardly any changes in others compared to the 2011 rent table.

Location Grading for the Berlin Rent Table 2013
Location Grading Map of the Berlin Rent Table 2013


The official rent table determines the limit to which rents for existing contracts can be raised. Other regulations apply as well, (see below). The table does not apply to new rental contracts, even though tenants looking for apartments will tend to take their information from there.

New Cut Off Rate for Rent Increases

A change in the tenant law by the federal government allows the local governments at state level to reduce the cut off rate for rent increases in existing contracts from 20% over a period of 3 years to 15%. Two of the states, Bavaria and Berlin were very quick in applying this option and have issued regulations for Munich and Berlin respectively, meaning that as of March 2013 this new limitation applies. By the way,  both states have elections coming up this year as there will be elections at the federal level.

Setting up the right strategy

First of all - do not have your property manager send out a rent increase to all tenants at the same time, you might find yourself with more simultaneous vacancies than you would like. This really does happen!

Before applying the possible increases of the the rent table draw a development plan for your property. This does not necessarily mean spending extra money but have a guideline for you property manager where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. Some examples:
  • Use repairs and tenant changes for upgrades if this is what gets you into a better bracket within your location.
  • Groom some tenants that you would like to keep and take it easier on increases, engage them into a dialogue.
  • Take good care of the first impression of your property. If you want to attract tenants that are prepared to pay higher rents you have to do just that, attract them.
Falkenberg Solutions - Real Estate Consultants have supported the development of such plans. Good property managers should be able to help you but are often to involved in the property to take a step back for the assessment. Sometimes they would have to ask themselves why they have not done x or y long ago but this lies in the nature of being tied down in day-to-day business. A fresh look from a third party is often the best way. Click here to find out more about the services and/or contact us.

Berlin Housing Market Report 2013

Shortly we will send out the 2013 Berlin Housing Market Report with the latest developments for the different regions of Berlin. If you requested the 2011 report from us you will receive the update automatically. If you have not requested it, you could sign up for the 2012 Report here on this blog by using this link:
or you come back here as it will be announced soon. There is also a sign up box on our website

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