Thursday, 6 March 2008

Investment in Retirement Housing in Germany -- A Prosperous Market.

What is the difference between sheltered housing, warden assisted housing, retirement housing, extra care, close care, assisted living, retirement villages and retirement communities?

Retirement housing is often called sheltered housing or warden assisted housing. Extra care housing, very sheltered housing, assisted living are terms used to describe a variety of housing designed with the needs of frailer older people in mind. These schemes have varying levels of care/support on site including a dining room, personal and domestic services and 24 hour support.

Due to the population development in Germany the proportion of retired people is constantly growing. It is a market segment of growing importance in all business sectors from medicine and consumer goods to housing of course.

Best positioned are properties with a flexible offer where the service expands along the growing support needs with increasing age.

According to the latest IKB Property Barometer (IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG) the 2007 - 2008 view on this property type is still positive amongst property developers. The rent/price factor was around 15 fold, the traded volume in 2007 was about € 1 billion.

An example for such a property is Max Steenbeck Str. in Jena (Thuringia) which was introduced in this blog earlier this year.

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